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dr. Arvan Pratama Suhardja,

I am so glad to be able to learn from Professor Klentze and his team... they are experts in various field, they are all energetic, happy and very kind people. Preventive ,regenerative and antiaging should be all doctors lifestyle and all patients lifestyle thus there would not be many diseases that can appear all of a sudden if we know how should we live and what should we eat  by using the genetic test as one of our tool. For those who are already aged or suffering from any disturbing disease we are able to use the autologous pluripotent Stemcell to increase our quality of life. This is the true healing, no more side effects from drugs.



Clinic Director

Sapulidi Life

Sapulidi Health Centre Ubud – Bali, Indonesia





dr. Siti Medissa Nur Huda, Dipl. ECARE

I joint KMF Prorgrams because its program is very unique. It is not only transferring sciences and practical knowledges, but also offering business support for my daily practises. Moreover all the lecturers are world class experts in their field.


I find nothing compare to any other professional trainings offered by other institutions



Owner and Founder

ZA Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic - Palembang, Indonesia





dr. Wahyudi Azwar, Dipl.

This program more than theoritical but also direct mentoring from fully experienced expertise from the board members of Klentze Medical Education in order solve my various patients' cases.


Hence, make me able to give maximum benefits treatment to my patients



Owner and Founder

PT.ZARA MEDIKA MANDIRI- Palembang, Indonesia





Mr. Alphonsus Darmawan

Attending KMF course is like watching a thriller action movie.


It is full of practical insight, loaded with empirical evidence, and the pace is fast, quick and compact. The West is finally catching up with Tao after only about 1000 years late and discover that our body is bioelectric and biomagnetic. Two things will happen when you join the course: a) you think you have joined planet alien and your eyes glaze over; b) you got an "aha" moment and realize how deeply profound are the teaching material and how intertwine are the subjects and they all formulate a holistic way to treat a diseased body. You have an adreline rush, your eyes got wide open, and you go home transformed in your medical practice.


Prof Michael Klentze has built up an eclectic panel of teachers from biochemistry, to quantum physics, to TCM, to chiropractic, to nutritional course, to meditation, to clinical setting, to genetic and nutritional and toxicity blood test, to teach us how to live a long and fruitful life as well as correct nutritional deficiencies from life style disease like diabetes, heart, cancer, and brain degeneration.


I have only one word to describe it: "awesome". Be shocked and awed. Join KMF course today.



President director of PT Timur Raya Lestari Spectacle lens manufacturer and Ophthalmic distributor in Indonesia and Malaysia.





dr. Edwin Chang Yoke Poi

When I first laid eye on this anti-ageing course, I knew i wont be on my own without any technical and mentoring support like any other anti-ageing course in this region.


Prof Klentz and their team members has proved me right on the 1st module held in KL. They are so willing to give of themselves to this course. I see 100% commitment from the team members. It’s been tremendous uplifting to be able to experience the first class treatment and course material that shown and taught to me. I feel grateful  to have a great network with other fellow course doctors. Prof Klentz and the team have even started to guide me through the marketing plan on how to go about helping me to practice anti-ageing medicine from my 1st module . They shown me the genuine desire to help, to get involved, to address any challenges ahead of me to establish my anti ageing medicine practice step by step.


I known their mentoring will be very valuable and helpful for me.





dr. Deby O Fanny

Since joining Klentze Medical Education, I realize that being preventive and regenerative physician absolutely high quality education and training on that field are needed.Their teaching and mentoring really open up my mind with the latest technology on preventive and regenerative medicine.


This program emphasis more on practical knowledges by providing over than 169 protocols from highly experienced expertises and top world scientists of KMF's faculty members. Personalized therapy based on genetic make me able to give maximum benefits of treatment to my patients. By being fellowship student of ECARE and affiliated doctor Klentze Medical Education.


I am fullfilled with all requirements to be a highly professional preventive and regenerative physician, moreover I am able to keep updating with the latest knowledge and technology on preventive and regenerative medicine. Hence, I feel more confidence in pursuing my career



Preventive and Regenerative Physician at Za Wellness and Beauty Clinic.
Palembang - Indonesia


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