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Key Benefits



Benefit of being KMF accreditation


To learn the know how of setting up practice in Preventive, Regenerative and Anti Aging Medicine.

To learn the cutting edge science of professional medical instructions sets.

To learn potential strategies for new lines of business development by KMF.

To continuously receive educational support by KMF teachers , including patient diagnostic and treatment back up.


To be part of the KMF network of cutting edge laboratories and pharmacies and to benefit from the KMF prices,

negotiated with these entities.

To get marketing support, including e-brochure, e-newsletters, promoting your scientific articles/ researches and etc.

To get promoted through international network of KMF and ECARE.

To get promoted through KMF marketing tools.

To receive patients from KMF web page contacts for your area.


Benefit of ECARE Diploma and ECARE Fellowship


Lifelong fellowship in the educational and skilled field of preventive, regenerative, and anti aging medicine internationally.

To increase the reputation in the patient community, having a European organization in the back up of your office.

To belong to the cutting edge scientific community

To give evidence of having passed through an entire education in the field of Preventive, regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine

To advance and raise the professional skills in Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine internationally.

To advance and benefit in conducting business in preventive, regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

To receive reduced entry fee in ECARE International conferences

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