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Why use Klentze Medical Education?


The Klentze brand name is internationally recognized and stands for high quality and leading edge science in education and patient care. Based on the experience of his own institute in Munich, Prof. Michael Klentze developed Professional Medical Instruction sets, which are being continuously adapted to the latest scientific findings. The Klentze brand is a synonym for quality, scientific rigor, innovation and excellent customer service.


Being affiliated with us and thereby receiving Klentze accreditation, you will belong to a network of international doctors, clinics, medical centers and hospitals, who are embracing the future of medicine.


You will easily recognize the key benefit: Generating new patients and customers and optimizing the revenues and benefits. You will share your knowledge with internationally recognized professors and doctors using electronic tools. You will be happy to have medical professors at your side, in your practice.


Research and development is a very important part of Klentze Medical Education. It is your back-up to operate in a very scientific manner. Every day, the team will develop new formulas for prescription, find out about new laboratory tests, will inform you about the hottest topics in prevention and regeneration, will provide you with a monthly electronic Newsletter and will offer you personal support through lectures, email, and webinars.


You will have access to all PowerPoint lectures of the yearly programs, via your own account on 


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Why use Klentze Medical Education?


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