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Our Core Education Goal



It doesn’t matter, if you are a start-up clinician or if you are already running your own business. This new field of medicine will not only make you a number one doctor for your patients, by giving them the appropriate treatment based on the right diagnosis and thereby preventing the onset or aggravation of possible disease, but will also generate an additional revenue for your business.


We want you to belong to the select group of physicians, practicing cutting edge scientific and evidence based medicine in Preventive, Regenerative, Anti-Aging and Sports Medicine.


Based on this philosophy we provide you with



Educational workshops, (with international professors of highest scientific renown from Asia, Europe, and the USA).

Case conferences and webinars

Educational material in electronic format or printed


Patient programs with laboratory recommendations and supplementation recommendations

Order sheets (excel machine), to compound the individual supplement mixtures


Patients´ hand outs for many conditions and even business and legal documents, which you need in your daily practice

Clinical mentoring and prescription reviews.

Marketing counseling

Klentze Medical Education accreditation

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