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International Medical Consultant and International medical Director of Thanyapura Health Trainer for Preventive, regenerative and Anti Aging Medicine


Klentze Medical Education was founded in 1996 by Professor Dr. Michael Klentze, the cutting-edge anti-aging expert and revered doctor, scientist, lecturer and author, who has now been appointed Chief Scientific and Medical Officer(CSMO) of Thanyapura Integrative Health Center (TIHC) and director of Klentze Medical Education.


Prof. Klentze qualification includes;



Gynecology and Obstetrics

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Endocrinology and Diabetology

Preventive, Regenerative and Anti Aging Medicine


Current position;


Chief Scientific Medical Officer – Thanyapura Integrative Health Center

Director – Klentze Medical Education

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

General Secretary of European Center of Aging Research and Education (ECARE)


Distinguished Worldwide Medical Positions


His distinguished worldwide medical positions and directorships have included roles as Senior Professor at Mae Fa Luang University, Bangkok, Thailand, visiting professor at Udayana University in Bali and visiting professor at UCSI University in Kuala Lumpur; he was scientific advisor at Pfizer in Germany between 2005-2008 for clinical


applications in anti-aging medicine; he became Secretary General of the European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine between 2003-2009; from 2009 through 2011 he held the position of International Medical Director of Vitallife Corp. Ltd (Bumrungrad Hospital) In autumn 2011, prof. Klentze focuses his attention to full time education with Klentze Medical Education teaching clinical practice-oriented courses for Medical Professionals in the area of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti Aging medicine.

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